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LiberateUlysses Project

LiberateUlysses Project

Bord Fáilte Video

Bord Fáilte German Tourism

Ailbhe O'Donnell Video 1

Aillbhe O’Donnell Video 1

Ailbhe O'Donnell Video 2

Aillbhe O’Donnell Video 2

Jack Lukeman performs a song called “All My Loves in Vain” in Sweny’s for AerTV

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  1. Thanks for helping us re-live our wonderful visit to Sweny’s. It was a lovely immersion in Joyceana and the gregarious, welcoming spirit of Dubliners, who brought two Canadian wanderers into their circle and made us feel at home. Taking part in the Ulysses reading was a high point of our trip and we’ll always cherish the memory. I hope we’ll be back before too long. Slainte, one and all.

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