Reading Groups

“We’re a capital couple are Bloom and I.

He brightens the earth, I polish the sky.”

Ulysses, J. Joyce (1922)

It’s fair to say that most people would consider Joyce’s works to be be “challenging” reads!
Whether you’re a Joycean novice or a scholar, hearing Joyce’s novels read aloud can bring the text to life in a new way and is considered by some as the best way to experience Joyce’s words.
Sweny’s holds a number of readings of Ulysses and other works by James Joyce throughout the week.Readings at Sweny's
In each of our reading groups we read and discuss a section of the novel each week, and if you’re lucky there may even be a biscuit to go with your cup of tea afterwards!
Places are limited, so we recommend arriving early. If you have any queries about the reading groups, please do get in touch.

Our current reading groups

Day Time What we’re reading
Monday 1 pm-2pm Finnegans Wake
Tuesday 1 pm-2pm Dubliners
Wednesday 1 pm-2pm A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Thursday 1 pm-2pm Dubliners
7 pm- 8:30pm Ulysses
Friday 1 pm-2pm Dubliners
Saturday 11 am-12:30pm Ulysses
Saturday 6:30-8pm Ulysses (en Francais)*
Sunday 3pm Ulysses (in Italiano)*
Sunday 6-8pm Finnegans Wake
* These International Readings are supported by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature.

Readings Ulysses at Sweny's
We can also facilitate private readings for groups (max group size 20) by arrangement. Please contact us HERE.