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We have called on visitors to the shop in Lincoln Place to read an extract from Ulysses in their own language.

Argentina Australia Austria Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany
Haiti Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Lithuania Morocco Mexico Netherlands Norway
Palestinian Territories Poland Portugal
Romania Russian Federation South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden
United Kingdom United States Yemen

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*We also have Catalan and a second recording from Russia

Episode 5 – Lotus Eaters

The pages being read are near the end of Chapter 5.
It starts about 3 pages from the end.
Look for a long paragraph beginning…..
‘He stood up’.
In that paragraph we start with the sentence beginning
‘ He passed, discreetly buttoning,…..’
and we end about 2 pages later with the one sentence paragraph,
‘ He strolled out of the shop…in his left hand.’

Sweny's Pharmacy

The Ulysses Foreign Language Translation Recording Project was devised by Val O’Donnell on behalf of

F.W Sweny Ltd.,1 Lincoln Place, Dublin 2
– where Leopold Bloom bought his bar of lemon soap on ‘Bloomsday’ 1904.

The recordings have been reformatted for the web by Dáithí O Broin
Dáithí’s work can be seen at
This Project is supported by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature