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“Mr Bloom raised a cake to his nostrils. Sweet lemony wax. - I’ll take this one, he said.” Ulysses, J. Joyce (1922)
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In 2009 Sweny’s ceased trading as a pharmacy and the doors closed. Some months later, while photographs were being taken of the interior of the shop, people began wandering inside in search of the famous lemon-scented soap. Sweny’s had no plan to trade, it just evolved, and the doors are still open today.

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We have called on visitors to the shop in Lincoln Place to read an extract from Ulysses in their own language.

The site has recordings from  40 countries from Argentina to Yemen

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Built in 1847 as a GP’s consulting room and later adapted to include an apothecary and then a pharmacy, Sweny’s has altered very little since that day. It has been “preserved through neglect” in memory of James Joyce. It has had several owners since the Sweny family, but the ‘Sweny’ trading name still remains.

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Reading James Joyce's Ulysses
In each of our reading groups we read and discuss a section of the novel each week, and if you’re lucky there may even be a biscuit to go with your cup of tea afterwards! Places are limited, so we recommend arriving early. If you have any queries about the reading groups, please do get in touch.
Recording International voices
The Ulysses Foreign Language Translation Recording Project was devised by Val O’Donnell on behalf of F.W Sweny Ltd.,1 Lincoln Place, Dublin 2
Lemon soap ~ the scent of Ulysses!
In Ulysses, Leopold Blooom goes to Sweny's to order some orangeflower and whitewax skin lotion for his wife. He also picks up a bar of lemon soap, on impulse, promising Mr Sweny to come back later to pay - a promise he forgets to keep!
The History of Sweny's
F.W. Sweny and Co (Limited) opened its doors as a dispensing chemist in 1853. A fortuitous location in the heart of Dublin’s south inner city, it lies within 100 yards of the birthplace of Oscar Wilde.
Events and Activities
Whether you’re a Joycean novice or a scholar, hearing Joyce’s novels read aloud can bring the text to life in a new way and is considered by some as the best way to experience Joyce’s words.
Bloomsday is a commemoration and celebration of the life of Irish writer James Joyce, observed annually in Dublin and elsewhere on 16 June.

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