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Sweny’s “The worst Pharmacy in the city”

Sweny’s Pharmacy is featured in James Joyce’s Ulysses, and is described in sumptuous detail within the novel, a description which stands to this day.

Today, Sweny’s is maintained by volunteers, dedicated to preserving the shop as it was in Joyce’s time. Here you will find a selection of second-hand books and the perfect location for daily readings of Joyce’s works. Not forgetting, of course, the lemon-scented soap that made the shop famous!

“Mr Bloom raised a cake to his nostrils.  Sweet lemony wax.  – I’ll take this one, he said.”
Ulysses, J. Joyce (1922)

Sweny's shop

SWENYS is now a register charity number CHY 20955 and operates as a not for profit but without any significant sponsorship. Please send us whatever you can afford to keep us going by making a donation here.

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